HiPP喜寶 會員登記
HiPP Club Member Registration

HiPP Club Member Registration

本人 同意 貴公司使用我的個人資料提供任何推廣優惠和資訊(包括免費試用裝、推廣消息等)。本人同時已詳閱並同意 「HiPP喜寶有機媽媽會入會須知^」 「收集個人資料聲明#」 的條款。本人確認及聲明以上提供的 資料均為真實無誤, 並同意 HiPP 可能會要求本人出示相關證明文。

I agree to receive HiPP's latest updates and promotions based on my provision of contact info (Included free sample or promotion news, etc.). Furthermore, I have read carefully and agreed with  "HiPP Club Terms & Conditions^" and  Personal Information Collection Statement#". I am hereby to declare the above information I provided is accurate and proper, and I am notified to agree the possibility that personal documentation is needed to be disclosed for HiPP's identification.
我同意以上條款 I accept the above Terms and Conditions.